""About VR Travel" "

Your Business Travel is our Business
VR Travel began in 1969 as Vejle Rejser, in the city of Vejle in Denmark. Back then, there were only three employees and we specialized in leisure travel. Already by the mid-1970s, our focus began to turn to business travel. Today, with nearly 50 employees and a yearly turnover of more than 500,000 million Danish kroner, we are a 100% management-owned, full-service business travel agency with offices in Denmark, Greenland, Canada, Australia and India.
VR Travel takes pride in being 100% neutral - this means we don't have any hidden agreements with specific travel providers - so you get the best price that's available according to your travel requirements on every trip. We also strive to give you at least 3 options on your itinerary, so the trip is up to you. 
As a VR Travel customer, you will have your own contact persons, who know you and your travel requirements and policies, so you won't be starting from scratch every time you call. 

We provide different levels of service, depending on your needs - from Full Service, where we take care of everything for you, to Self-Service, where you log into our online portal and have access to our special prices and book everything yourself.
Contact us today for an offer tailor-made for your company's needs. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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